Three builders challenge their guts and grit by modding a truck from bone stock to bonafide trail beast, testing it on the country’s toughest terrain, and passing it off on the way to an epic off-road meetup.
As motion designer I was part of intial visual explorations / concepting, then later generating concepts / final animations for the live episodes.
CD: AJ Rivvers
Design: John Brantly + Robert Diep 
Motion: Chip Carey + Martín van der Valk

summary graphic credit: robert diep

While I usually work on projects holistically, my work on Modathon was much more focused. However, from the start we did - as the design team - get to concept a few different routes. Overall, I was very happy with the end result, as personally I pushed for and worked on the more textural / gritty route we ended up going with.
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